"Dromuse in Japan"
Тройной альбом представляет записи, сделанные во время японского тура Алексея Круглова в январе 2019 года. 
CD 1. The Flash.
Alexey Kruglov, Masami Suzuki, Keni`ichi Matsumoto, Eiichi Hanyu, Toru Shimada

CD 2. Park Street Novel.
Alexey Kruglov, Masahiko Satoh, Keisuke Ohta

CD 3. Walking along Sand Dunes to Ftarri.  
Hisako Horikawa, Ryoichi Suzuki, Ruri Fukui, Jun Kawasaki, Olim, Daisuke Fujiwara, Ryuichi Yoshida
Niigata, Tokyo, January 15-20, 2019. 
Label: SoLyd Records, 2021 

The fragament from the Alexey Kruglov`s annotation:
"Our collaboration was filled with mutual respect and warmth. In Japan I found a lot of things that were close to me and my ideas, a deep understanding of my artistic approach and vision. It’s not for nothing that a Noh Theater mask appears on the cover of the album. The artistic directions of this unique theater extraordinarily inspire me and fill with new ideas. For me it was a great honor to perform with such amazing artists, creating joint projects that can be heard in the tracks of this triple album! I am deeply grateful to Masami Suzuki, Akira Hatori, Toyoki Okajima, Hiroshi Okura, Kazue Yokoi, Alexander Belyaev, Iana Ianpolskaya, Anna Nikolskaya, Niigata University, all venues, the incredible Japanese audience and all participants of the edition! I sincerely thank our dear friends-patrons, who gave us the opportunity to release this large-scale project – Andrey Popov, Sergey Sushko, Denis Findeizen, Nina Filonenko, Elena Lastochkina!" 

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