Трimpulse250.jpgио Алексея Круглова (духовые), Алексея Лапина (рояль), Олега Юданова (перкуссия, барабаны). Диск издан Leo Records (England). Альбом записан на концерте в санкт-петербургском джаз-клубе JFC 2 сентября 2011 года.Трио исполняет авторскую импровизационную музыку.
Alexey Kruglov - soprano, alto, tenor saxes, Alexey Lapin - piano, Oleg Yudanov - drums, percussion
From Leo Records web-site:
Having been hailed "the future of jazz" by the British magazine Jazzwise, this is the fifth CD by Alexey Kruglov in Leo Records catalogue. The three musicians continue to develop the tradition of Russian new music - they take off where the Ganelin Trio finished. The CD is a mixture of collective free improvisations and compositions by Alexey Kruglov who plays soprano, alto and tenor saxophones. Piano player Alexey Lapin is the young "star" of Leo Records while Oleg Yudanov is a veteran drummer who played for many years with the late Vladimir Rezitsky in Jazz Group Arkhangelsk.

Alexey Kruglov:

The album "Impulse" is a kind-of a story told by means of all kind of sounds that were discovered a result of a search to find the unity between improvisation and composition.. This story is told by musicians who develop the tradition of new Russian music, and that's, why- it has images of the Russian view of the world.... or Hints of them...
There is some unknown way here, endeavour, impulse for something that we don't, yet know, some kind of ascent after which a person comes across a system of knowledge, categories, some kind of stream of con-sciousness....and after a period of calm he strives for the unknown again.

  1. Impulse 5:57
  2. Premonition 13:17
  3. Echoes Of Russian Metaphor 15:39
  4. Contemplation 4:57
  5. The Ascent 12:33
  6. System Of Meanings 7:15
  7. In Search Of Silence 3:35
  8. Rezume...Or A Try Of A New Impulse 4:55
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